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Waverley and Martin Roads to be Renamed Bowmanville Avenue

Press Release From City of Clarington 

Clarington October 9, 2018/- The Municipality of Clarington, in collaboration with The Regional Municipality of Durham, is renaming Regional Road 57 to Bowmanville Avenue. The renaming will take effect November 1, 2018.

Depending on the stretch of road—between Highway 401 and northern Clarington—Regional Road 57 is listed as either Waverley Road or Martin Road. Changing the name to Bowmanville Avenue within the boundaries of the Municipality of Clarington will help clarify some of this confusion. Please note that Bowmanville Avenue will still retain its regional designation as Regional Road 57. This is common with Regional (main) roads. For example, Regional Road 14 is commonly known as Liberty Street.

Residents who live along this stretch of road will receive a joint letter from The Regional Municipality of Durham and Clarington informing them of the name change. Clarington will also help those residents, tenants and business owners affected by the name change by issuing goodwill payments, to help cover some of the associated costs.

The Municipality of Clarington will also notify Canada Post, utilities and mapping companies of the street name change. Affected residents, tenants and business owners will also have to contact Canada Post and make arrangements for mail forwarding. All relevant information can be found in the mail forwarding section on the Canada Post website. People affected by the change will also have to notify anyone who sends them mail at their home or business.

Residents can expect to see signs change throughout November. The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is currently replacing its ground signs at some key interchanges. The MTO is scheduled to change the Waverley Road interchange sign to the new Bowmanville Avenue sign by the end of November.

“Bowmanville Avenue is a major gateway to Clarington. While there will be some inconvenience with the street name change, after the transition, as the Municipality continues to grow, it will be beneficial to have one consistent name. It will particularly assist those drivers unfamiliar with the area,” said Faye Langmaid, Acting Director of Planning Services.


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